Wooden Row House Coasters (4-piece set)


Brightly coloured 4 piece wooden coaster set featuring the fun row houses of Newfoundland & Labrador. Dimensions are approximately 4''w x4''l x 0.25''h for each coaster. Made in NL.

About the Artists:
Catherine is a retired nurse and has always made crafts, sometimes just for her and other times as gifts. When Catherine retired she, along with her husband, began making crafts full time for the public. Both Catherine and Wade are self taught artists with no formal training, but with a great love and passion for creating beautiful crafts that represent the colourful heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador. Together they aim to provide high quality Newfoundland goods to both locals and tourists alike. From their iconic hand painted wooden products depicting St. John's row houses to their beloved Mummer dolls, Wade and Catherine give every attention to detail in their desire to celebrate and share Newfoundland culture, scenery, and beauty through their art.

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