Historic Sites Association Customer Privacy Policy

The Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (HSANL) is dedicated to providing Heritage Shop visitors with a safe and comfortable retail environment. Protecting our customers’ privacy is an important part of this goal.

We therefore strive to keep all information obtained in the course of commercial activity confidential and secure. The following policy outlines in detail the steps we take to protect the privacy of our patrons.

Why we Collect Personal Information

The Heritage Shops collect personal information for the sole purpose of completing the business transactions necessary for the transfer of giftware from retailer to customer.

The information we collect is limited to that which is essential to processing sales transactions and/or delivering items to a customer in person or by mail. It potentially includes the following: name, postal address, phone number, email address, and credit/debit card information. When products are returned to the Heritage Shops for refund/exchange we may also ask for the above information in order to maintain accurate records of what stock is being returned to the shops and why.

How we Collect Personal Information

The personal information necessary to the business transaction is collected in several ways. First and foremost, Heritage Shop sales clerks collect customer’s credit/debit card information via the interac terminal as an automatic part of the sales transaction.

Sales clerks may also collect additional information including address and phone number when customers return products for refund or exchange. Office staff collect customers’ full names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers and expiry dates in order to fill phone or email orders and have them sent to the proper address. They also collect company information for wholesale orders and/or orders from government organizations/partners.

When we Disclose Personal Informationhen 

HSANL will only disclose customers’ personal information if problems arise in the processing of a sales transaction.

In this circumstance, the customer’s information will be shared with a representative of the appropriate financial institution in order to clear up any discrepancies and facilitate payment. If we receive a request for a customer’s personal information from an outside party, we will immediately and without exception obtain the consent of the customer before disclosing this information.

Customers’ Right to Opt Out

The Heritage Shop collects customers’ phone numbers as part of the sales transaction to ensure we have a way to contact the customer in case their card is left behind.

We do not withhold service if this information is not provided. Sales staff are trained to request this information and continue with the transaction whether it is provided or not.

How we Protect Personal Information

HSANL takes all necessary measures to safeguard the information entrusted to us by our customers.

All other customer information is stored carefully behind the cash counter, to which only sales staff have access. At office level we lock the outer door when there is no one stationed in sight of the office manager’s workspace (where all the customer information is kept).  (REVISE)

Our Commitment to your Privacy

HSANL recognizes its responsibility to protect the privacy of its patrons by all means necessary.

We commit to do this by training every Heritage Shop employee on privacy-related policies and procedures and providing all HSANL staff with a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Our contact information (as seen below) is posted in every Heritage Shop location and we welcome comments and/or suggestions from all visitors to our shops.

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